Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

Danny Burns

Tips for a Safe and Clean Yard this Summer

#1 – High grass and weeds are not just unsightly, but can harbor wildlife such as rodents, groundhogs,
skunks, and snakes.
#2 – If you have a swimming pool, it must be kept in good condition. This means that the water cannot
be green due to algae growth. Standing water is a great breeding ground for mosquitos, which can carry
#3 – Check with your municipality to determine if and when you are permitted to do any open burning.
If you are able, fire code dictates that you must be at least 12 feet away from any structures, including
houses, garages, sheds, or decks.
#4 – A lot of people work on their vehicles as a hobby, but the property code does not permit
disassembled or non-functioning vehicles to remain in driveways or yards. Fluids from vehicles are
detrimental to the environment.
#5 – The International Property Maintenance Code states that all household waste and trash must be
disposed of in a proper container, instead of just dropping a plastic bag at the curb. Garbage cans with
lids help keep away critters.
#6 – Make sure your house number is prominently displayed and visible from the street. This helps first
responders identify your address in case of an emergency.
#7 – Be sure to keep your porch and walkways, including stairs, in good repair and free of debris, such as
junk, boxes, garbage, toys, and anything else that can cause a tripping hazard. Be considerate of your
mail person!
These simple tips will help keep you and your family safe and your neighbors happy!

For guidelines and information on codes please see: